Dance While You Can lead by Simone LaDrumma

Move to a wide variety of songs (and tempos), everything from 50's Rock n' Roll to jazz, classical, hip-hop and World Music...
and back again!

We'll move creatively, and find humor in the music (and ourselves).

Free expression rules! Feel like singing while you dance? Be my guest! And you are allowed — encouraged, even — to tap into your inner child's IMAGINATION to let your body move in new and unusal ways!

PROPS: For a soft-shoe dance, I'll provide CANES. (Think Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire.) MASKS will be available for World Beat music, and ANKLE BELLS for Foot Percussion.

SWEAT: Then there is the workout aspect; the goal here is to come fully ALIVE and get real healthy. Working up a sweat is good. Doing it when the soul is involved is AWESOME!

Thanks, Simone for being a great catalyst for physical and emotional creative expression. I felt immediately welcomed in and was able to fully express that which was pent up in me in such an enjoyable and full way. It was so fun to be with other fiesty women...who were dancing in their full power and WOW, what incredible energy ... in everyone! I enjoyed the mix of facilitated movement, mimic movements and free expression to certain songs. Good choices of music!"

– Lynn B.

MUSIC: I will select the music and facilitate many of the dance moves. YOU will get a chance to lead, if you wish. You will also be able to dance freestyle.

... Dance-While-You-Can is VERY worthwhile. Your songs were fantastic...We got a lot of great feedback from residents saying they loved the dancing."

– Lora Ray, Activities Dir., Washington Care Center

FOOTWEAR: Your best shoe will have a somewhat slippery sole so you can glide and turn easily. But any footwear, including bare, works.


Dance Parties:
Call Simone at (206) 841-5169
and Get Your Event Groovin'!

Create a dance party without smoke, dirty floors, or strangers for your next family gathering, bring fun exercise into your next office retreat, or provide a get-your-juices-flowing break at your next brainstorm workshop.